Jazz Improvisation

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I am a 4th generation musician in the lineage of Jack Teagarden, J.J. Johnson and Slide Hampton.

In other words, I’m “old school” and I believe that Jazz comes from the heart.

With me you will learn:

  • how to bring out your inner music
  • the historical context of melodies used in improvisation
  • music theory in relation to jazz improvisation
  • improvisation techniques from beginner to advanced levels





Why learn Jazz? Why learn Music Improvisation?


1)   It’s so much more FUN than playing any other music.

2)   It creates music that moves people to the bone, to the core, to the depths of their soul.

3)   Some of the best composers in the world create their music by improvising on their ideas.

4)   Rote technique becomes, finally, musical! The study of improvisation turns music students into unique musicians.









Why study with me?


1)   I do my best to reach each student at their level.

2)   I tailor my classes to fit the specific needs of each group or individual.

3)   I bring to the table a comprehensive understanding of musical styles, from all of my professional performance experience.

This has included bebop, swing, big band, Latin, classical from various periods, impressionist, 20th century, electronica, rock & roll, heavy metal, pop country, disco, fusion, you name it…!!

Orchestra, commercials, opera, bands… the list goes on.





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