Video Methods

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The idea for this came from years of developing methods of practice which fully involve the use of modern technology.

My thought process was:  So much technology has become available recently with regard to music recording, performance, enhancement, production….

So why are so many of us still stuck in centuries-old methods of learning how to play music?  We purchase written method books and then do our best to translate the written notes into beautiful sounds on our instruments, with varying results.

Sometimes the old methods work well (especially for old music).  Sometimes, however, they fall short.  This new approach was not designed to replace the traditional methods, but instead was meant to enhance the experience of the student, speeding up the process of learning to play the instrument with a good sound and a strong sense of inner music.

The process is simple.  We play together.  I have endeavored to provide you with the highest fidelity possible audio recording of the instrument and enough instruction to make all the intentions clear during the videos.

These videos are all available on my Vimeo site.  You can rent them for 30 days (during which they are available to you at any time you like).  The library is likely to grow immensely, but, at the time of this writing, include methods on range building, tone production, and basic improvisation stills.

Click Here for the Videos!

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