Which horn/mouthpiece/etc is better?


I admit there are some times when I do talk equipment.  For instance, if a student or colleague is having difficulties and it seems like an equipment change would help, I am all for it!  I am also in favor of experimenting with something new.  Otherwise you might never know that you had a chance to discover a new sound.

Personally, I play a whole lot of equipment.  All five of my trombones get used, and each one has a mouthpiece (or even several) that work well for that horn.

Not to mention that each one of those horns has a separate reason for existing in my life.  They all fit into different specific niches that work for my own particular musical needs.

I’ve even swapped mouthpieces in the middle of tunes on gigs or in the orchestra.

But ultimately, I am not about equipment.  It’s really about you.  You make the music.  The equipment is just an amplifier for you.  Find what resonates.  Resonate it.

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