Andrew Williams Video Play-Along Methods

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The idea for this came from years of developing methods of practice which fully involve the use of modern technology.

My thought process was:  So much technology has become available recently with regard to music recording, performance, enhancement, production….

So why are so many of us still stuck in centuries-old methods of learning how to play music?  We purchase written method books and then do our best to translate the written notes into beautiful sounds on our instruments, with varying results.

Sometimes the old methods work well (especially for old music).  Sometimes, however, they fall short.  This new approach was not designed to replace the traditional methods, but instead was meant to enhance the experience of the student, speeding up the process of learning to play the instrument with a good sound and a strong sense of inner music.

The process is simple.  We play together.  I have endeavored to provide you with the highest fidelity possible audio recording of the instrument and enough instruction to make all the intentions clear during the videos.

These videos are all available on my Vimeo site.  You can rent them for 30 days (during which they are available to you at any time you like).  The library is likely to grow immensely, but, at the time of this writing, include methods on range building, tone production, and basic improvisation stills.

Click Here for the Videos!


One thought on “Andrew Williams Video Play-Along Methods”

  1. Andrew, I discovered your YOUTUBE sessions by, well, by chance. I am listening to a CD – “Double ‘A’ ” as I type – I am smiling. I was a fair trombone player in High School (Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band – Don Ellis, Bill Holman, Hank Levy, Kenton and such were in vogue at the time in the Greater Bucks County School Districts. The was also a Band of older gents that played the Big Band era Dance Music and invited me to join them – what fun and tune exposure in a time of Hocus Pocus by Focus. On a lark, in ’72 I attended a Stan Kenton Jazz Camp at Westchester State College, where Phil Wilson lead the Trombone “studio of kids” Phil, an avuncular character, taught us alot of aspects of trombone playing – against the grain techniques and his personal rich talent – very cool. We all had a private session with Phil where assessed our ability to play a trombone; I was on the low end of the group’s skill set. He asked me to play a Db Major Scale – I did without error – but didn’t know how many flats in the key – my ear was pretty good I suppose. He Identified that I had embouchure problems – after a couple of discussion and play excercises, Phil recommended that I call Dr. Donald Reinhardt for lessons in Philly, I did and still owe Phil aother Thank You. Doc Reinhardt greatly helped me form a working embouchure, without which, I would have probably lost interest in playing Trombone. I put it down the Trombone whilst I did a stint in the NAVY for 6 years – Submarines stationed in Pearl Harbor and Guam . I had developed a love of Music; any thing I heard that I liked got play time. After the Navy, I did a stint at Penn State – Picked up the Horn and Played Lead Bone in one Jazz Professor Dan Yoders “Dimensions” Bands (Outer, Inner and Center dimensions) – Outer was my spot. I leanred how much I had missed in the Music Theory world… shame on me. I left PSU with enought credits to cobble a BS in Applied Science at Thomas Edison State with my Navy Nuclear training. Trombone waned with more employment responsibility. Fast forward 25-30 years – I’m retired and playing again with time to practice and learn some music.
    I’m playing in a Community Concert band and I sit in with the Local American Legion Dance Band. All good. I listen to you play Jazz from your Binghamption Studio regularly now, and regret that I left the Poconos area and never saw you live. I’m in the Chattanooga are now, loving it! I travel your way to a retreat in Towanda – a live show at the restaurant some Friday beckons. Keep ‘em coming Andrew! Its inspirational to hear excellence.


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