Booking Instructions



By following the steps below, you will be able to choose the best date, time, and type of class for you.

My booking page starts here:

Booking Instructions - step 1 - pixlr border default smoke

This is where you can select which lesson or workshop you want to book. Just click on one of the green Select buttons.




Next you will find yourself here:

Booking Instructions - step 2 - pixlr border default smoke

This is where you choose which teacher to work with. Right now it’s just me, so… go ahead and click on the green Select button again.




Next is the calendar:

Booking Instructions - step 3 - pixlr border default smoke

You can play around with it. Each month will show available dates in green. When you click on a day, you will see which time slots are still open on that day.

Some classes, like Private Lessons, have lots of days and time slots. Other classes, like specific Group Workshops, are one-time events with a single day and time.

Note: If a Group Workshop is 2 or 3 hours long, you will be able to click on any of those hourly time slots.

They will all take you to the same place:




Booking Instructions - step 4 - pixlr border default smoke

Here you can review what you’re signing up for. Then simply enter your name, email and phone number, and click on Book Now.

Tip: Country codes starting with the number 1 are at the very top of the scroll list. Next come all of the codes starting with number 2 … and so on until those starting with 9. Example: 1939 (Puerto Rico) is listed right before 20 (Egypt).




After clicking on Book Now, you land here:

Booking Instructions - step 5 - pixlr border default smoke

First select your method of payment, and then click on Confirm Booking.

Right now I am only set up to receive payment through Paypal, though… so there’s only one small circle to click on. If you wish to pay in a different way, please contact me.

Once you are redirected to Paypal, you will be able to choose to pay by Credit Card (if you don’t have a Paypal account) or to log in.



Go To My Booking Page


And thank you for joining me for a private lesson or group workshop!


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